This quarter I have had the fun of taking Intro to Pottery. As a child, I always enjoyed shaping (and occasionally chewing) Play Doh. This class brought me into a whole new level of interest and enjoyment from that childhood experience (minus the chewing part). It also helped me reset my mindset regarding creative work.

As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of hours in front of screens, which I have found can have the tendency to be both exhausting and numbing. It is easy to get sucked into a static mindset and body position as you work mechanically toward your goal. That’s why when I began working with clay this quarter, I found myself shaking away that lingering dullness and rediscovering my deep joy for creating.

With clay, almost all of the senses become involved. I felt the soft coolness of the clay and heard my tools scrape softly against it. I smelled its earthiness and watched many times as the lump of clay morphed into something intentional and functional.

This class has reinforced my desire to continue exploring fine art after college, and has helped me realize my love for incorporating the physical world with the digital world. I have found that I enjoy pairing the rawness and personality of things I’ve created with my hands with the refinement that the digital world allows.

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