Well, it’s the ninth day of the second quarter of the last year of my undergraduate education. It’s also a winter day that feels like spring. This morning I ate oatmeal (like most other mornings), and put together a last-minute presentation featuring my go to color: gray. I was late to pottery class, but sure enjoyed the sunshine on my way. Fairly unincredible, really.

I used to live like I believed success and fulfillment were measured by the tasks I could accomplish or the busy schedule I was able to maintain. I behaved like my worth was tied to performance. If I could I would, and I did, faster.

No more. Over the past few months I’ve been practicing balance. I want to be intentional in every part of my life and to actually live like I believe that it’s enough to be present and real with those who I find myself with and to nurture the depth of my soul; to have a simple contentment with myself and my life, and to love others, always.

Finally, I am learning the art of wholeness; the art of slowing down enough to catch the sweetness of life, so that even the unincredible, in-between moments hold gratitude.





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